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Kelly Serio

Born and raised in the New Orleans area, Kelly is a graduate of Mt. Carmel Academy and the University of New Orleans. After graduating college, she worked as a Pharmaceutical sales representative for both Glaxo and Merck. Her passion for real estate began with the purchase of her first home in Covington, Louisiana, on her 26th birthday. Kelly and her husband, of now 20 years, made the decision upon the birth of their first child that she would stay home to raise the kids. She has happily dedicated the last 18 years to their 3 children, and with their oldest going to college next year, she is now able to re energize her passion.  With her extensive knowledge of the Northshore and New Orleans area, she is ecstatic to be back selling again in this real estate market.


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Shannon Essert

Returning to New Orleans with her husband in 2012 after her husband’s retirement from the Coast Guard, Shannon has over 20 years’ experience in sales, including marketing/advertising, insurance and real estate.   As a military wife, Shannon understands firsthand the stress and the excitement of moving to a new home and new surroundings.  She realized her love for history, architecture and culture early on in her life as a licensed, professional tour guide in such amazing cities as Boston, Key West and Washington, DC; and although she has resided in numerous cities across the United States, and traveled abroad to even more, no other city is quite like the Crescent City.  The style, diversity, and most of all the traditions of this town are why Shannon, her husband, and their four children love to call New Orleans home. With her passion for helping others, Shannon would love to show you around and get you all jazzed-up about a new home here in the Big Easy.


Jessica Bailey

Jessica Bailey epitomizes hard work, mitigating challenges, creative strategies, and attention to detail in every real estate transaction. She has a diverse background in design, grant processing, and construction management. Her unique background has built a solid foundation of strong work ethic, positive energy, and excellent communication, and has naturally led her into the Real Estate Industry in the best city in the world.

Jessica grew up in Alexandria, LA, then attended LSU for Mass Communication. After Hurricane Gustav in 2008, she was hired by the Shaw Group to assist with project management on a large-scale disaster recovery project. Her next adventure came in 2009 when she moved to New Orleans for an opportunity that would change her life forever: assisting homeowners with the elevation of their homes through the Elevation Grant Program. She helped guide New Orleanians through the complex process of applying for a grant and undertaking a major construction project on their most valuable asset: their homes. Assisting people with this often stressful process gave her great satisfaction. Working with the people of New Orleans means the world to her, and now she is ready to assist with all aspects of homeownership.

Jessica is a compassionate individual with a lot of personality. She believes there are only solutions not problems. As a right and left brained creative Jessica has the vision for making a space a home. In her off time, you will find Jessica updating her Pinterest Board full of the best design ideas. She means business and knows how to have a little fun!